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The thoughts, feelings and experiences Laudati writes are relatable to young adults trying to fit in with the rest of America. After living in New York City, he’s able to share his view on the harsh reality of life today. “Bone House” is the perfect selection for readers looking for brutally honest and hard-hitting poetry that speaks to the mind. - Kailey Cheng, The Breeze (USA)

Bone House is a collection of poems that combines the urban energy of New York with a melancholic longing. Laudati released his first collection of poems, Hawaiian Shirts in the Electric Chair, in 2014, and has also written a number of award-winning short stories and a novel entitled Play the Devil. Influenced by the intrusive nature of the big city and a desire to express emotions before it’s too late, Bone House tells the story of what it feels like to “stand at the edge of a cliff.” -  Natalie Schmidt, The Tartan (USA)

"If the idea of truth illuminated in harsh light, with a heavy dose of comedic tragedy appeals to you, pick up Play the DevilMaybe even pick it up if you’re unsure—without pulling punches in his storytelling, Laudati is able to relate to a reader in an uncommon, rarely experienced sort of way. With an ending that breathes hope into an otherwise bleak outlook of Londi and Frankie’s future, the only disappointment to be found in this novel is having it end primarily unresolved. That shouldn’t deter the reader, though, as the story is most definitely one worth investing in." - Sarah Joseph, THE VOICE MAGAZINE (CAN).

"“Play The Devil” took me less than 24 hours to read, and although the love aspect of the story is deeply rooted, it eventually comes to fruition at the end of the book. Laudati’s use of effective dialogue, humor and relatable characters make this an easy book to indulge in.Spanning just a few days in the heart of New Jersey, Laudati takes his audience along for the ride as his main characters Londi and Frankie make their way through the struggles of ordinary life. Londi, who is the first-person narrator for the entire novel, is one of the most polished and thought-out characters I’ve come across in recent memory." - Alec McChesney, THE STANDARD (USA).

"Hawaiian Shirts in the Electric Chair reads with the ensemble momentum of a concept album, building nuance and depth via cross-reference and consistency of tone rather than through complexity at line level" - Sean Keenan, TREBUCHET-MAGAZINE (UK).

"Laudati expresses the idea of death in one of the most fearless ways. He is not trying to be a world-renowned poet, rather he is simply expressing his voice and thoughts for others to read and critique. His writing is brutally honest and unapologetic, he says what he feels and thinks no matter how raw and gritty it may seem. The theme seems to be connected to remaining innocence, a will to preserve it, and a fear of losing it." - Elena Pollack, ALBANY STUDENT PRESS (USA)


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