Interview with The Virginia Normal - Virginia State Universities literary journal (2018)

Interview with The Wire's Dream Magazine (2018)

Interview with European publication CafeBabel

Poets & Writers Profile

The Stark Truth Podcast (7/26/2017) - Robert Stark and Scott Laudati discuss Occupy Wall Street. Scott's visit to Cuba. The Alt-Left.

Interview with The Athenaeum (Acadia's Student Newspaper)

Interview with The Bates Student (Bates College Student Newspaper)

The Stark Truth Podcast (1/4/2017) - Robert Stark and Scott Laudati discuss Play The Devil, writing, the creative process, Jack Kerouac.

Lil Bil's Radio Takeover & Interview with Scott Laudati (4/26/2017)

Lucdog In The Morning Podcast  (5/10/2017)

GenZ Podcast with Morissa Schwartz (2017)

Interview with Cement Covered Ink Quills

Interview with The Huffington Post

Interview with Crack The Spine Literary Magazine

Interview with ResidentBryan

InTouch Weekly

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