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A Garden East Of Eden  (Medium), (RAP Poetics)
My 30th Birthday (The Stockholm Review of Literature), (Adirondack Review)
We Need The Bomb (Shabby Doll House)
Lorraine (Prairie Wolf Press Review)
Give a Lozenge To The Voice Of The Archangel (Boomer Lit Mag)
The Things Men Say On Their Way To Work (Lowestoft Chronicle)
Take The Path For Cocaine and Plath (Everyday Genius)
The Dream Is Over pt. II (White Liquor)
He Never Was One For Conversation (Umbrella Factory Review)
This Time, It Was Going To Be Me (Commonline Journal)


Working At Barnes And Noble (Thought Catalog), (Trebuchet), (Medium)
There Is No Paris Anymore (Thought Catalog)
Notes On A Dog  (Good Men Project), (Thought Catalog), (Trebuchet), (Dogster)
BB Guns, Gangs And Other Teenage Rites Of Passage (Good Men Project), (Medium)


Losers, Lawn Mowers and The Grave Of Jack Kerouac (Trebuchet)
How I Got Banned From Canada (Trebuchet)
The Endless Inferno Under Centralia (Trebuchet)
The Most Interesting Man In The World (Trebuchet)
Super Mario Brothers, Reptilian Rape And The Hollow Earth Theory (Trebuchet)
Waiting In Line At The NOFX Book Signing (Punk World Views)
Our Pit-bull (Dogster)

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